Our Vision

To prepare students from diverse backgrounds for the challenges that they will face as entrepreneur and leaders to encourage a global perspective and ethical shaping of society

Our Mission

  • To be the best regional business school in the nation recognized for academic excellence and for contributing to the overall development of our region and broader environment.
  • Ambitious– It places the Easwari MBA at the forefront of the world’s most significant issues.
  • Aggressive– It will require a great deal of additional funding, above and beyond our normal and expected revenue increases.
  • Achievable– With the support of our management, faculty, students, alumni; and in collaboration with various organizations.


Long Term Goals

  • To start Research Nodal centre.
  • To produce 100% result in the University examination.
  • To produce 3 university ranks per year.
  • To produce Gold medalists.
  • To provide 100% placement.
  • To Sign 2 MoUs per year.
  • To do 1 consultancy work / year

Short Term Goals

    • Leadership Lecture Series (Minimum 3 Lecture by Industry Top Executives)
    • Students Social Responsibility (5 Students were given Main Project on Social issues)
    • To prepare Staff to present paper with students in conference
    • To motivate finance students to register for NSE Modules
    • To Prepare students to participate in Quiz, Business Plan,  Paper Presentation, Workshop & Seminar

Program Educational Objectives

The Master of Business Administration program has three overall educational objectives:

To ensure that graduating students will

  • Develop professional skills that prepare them for immediate employment in the areas of management, entrepreneurship and related fields
  • Develop an understanding of the diverse and dynamic global business environment
  • Provide with an educational foundation that prepares them for continued lifelong learning throughout their career

Programme Specific Outcomes

  • Students will possess the ability to apply management techniques for rational decision making and innovative thinking.
  • Students will be competent professionals in their area of specialization.
  • Students will obtain expected business intricacies and become socially responsible citizens.

Programme Outcomes

  • Students are academically prepared for a managerial career
  • Students have the necessary attitudes and skills to become more productive employees, and to continue learning
  • Students can communicate effectively and possess entrepreneurial skills
  • An understanding of professional, ethical and various functional issues and responsibilities
  • An ability to analyze problems, formulate and use the appropriate managerial skills
  • An ability to use current techniques and skills necessary for managerial practice
  • Graduates become managerial leaders in a variety of organizations